As per approved constitution, SAFE sated the following objectives to achieve the goal:

¨       To make the target people self-reliant in all needs and necessities of human life through various efforts and activities.

¨       To improve economic conditions of target people through employment and income generating activities.

¨       To ensure health conditions of target population by providing health and sanitation education and disease treatment services.

¨       To create human and social values in target population through awareness raising education and motivation.

¨       To build up capacity of the target population to identify and analyses different socio-economic issues and problems concerning them and how to solve those.

¨       Creation of employment opportunities through skill development and credit support program for income-generation.

¨       Ensuring Literacy, Continuing Education (CE) for those, who did not have the opportunities to be enrolled, drop outs and peoples with special needs.

¨       Awareness building regarding legal aid, democracy, good governances, health care, sanitation, gender issues, safe sex and HIV AIDs.

¨       Natural disaster management, food security, advocacy, research and technology improvement.

¨       Strengthening local government, monitoring, evaluation, civil society initiatives, community based organization.

¨       Organize local initiatives for production of goods and services for income generation.

¨       Organize cultural activities and sport events.